Wednesday, 22 May 2024 - 09:11 pm
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Garage Door Spring Repair Service

When To Seek Help For Garage Door Spring Repair Service

The springs are the most common part to break on a garage door. Garage door springs are generally designed for only 10,000 cycles, and it is likely to break if you often open and close it. If your garage door springs suddenly breaks, you won’t be able to use it because it won’t move anymore. This is very dangerous for everyone who will stand near the garage door because it may fall any time. Moreover, it will cause delays in your appointments in case the door won’t open.

What Causes A Garage Door Spring To Break?

The garage door spring may break due to a sudden opening or closing of the door. It can also be caused by extreme hotness or coldness, frequent usage and poor adjustment and maintenance. The buildup of rust on the corners of the door may also cause the springs to fail as it may cause increased friction.

When Should I Seek Help To Repair My Garage Door?

You should know first how to identify broken garage door springs. It will often make a loud noise and suddenly snap, or it may not move at all. You should be extra careful when this happens and make sure that you are far from the door when you are opening or closing it. Seek the help of professionals right away when you notice these signs.

Garage Door Spring

What Should I Do When My Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Garage doors are heavy and it may cause you injury. You should ask help from a garage door spring repair service center to help you deal with the situation. You should also advise your family members to stay away from the door. Many times, the spring breaks while the door is closed. There are also times when the door just suddenly snaps and breaks.

How Much Does Repairing Of Garage Door Spring Cost?

Every repair service center would check first the garage door system. They will take note of the door’s size, weight, garage door springs type, and other damages with the door. All these factors affect the cost of a garage door spring repair service.

What Are The Different Types Of Door Spring?

The two common types of garage door springs are Torsion and Extension. Extension springs are found at the side of the door while Torsion is placed at the opening of the garage door. It is important for you to know what type of door spring is damaged on your garage door because not all repair service centers offer services for all types of door spring systems.

When your garage door suddenly stops going up, then the extension springs are broken. And if the garage door suddenly snaps, the torsion springs are possibly broken.

It is difficult to predict when your garage door springs will break. It may just happen suddenly so you must take extra precautions to avoid injuries and other problems. Take a note of when the garage door was in installed. You should regularly check your door springs for signs of wearing out and falling. You should also lubricate the door and its springs a few times each year. These may help prolong the life span of your door springs and garage door.